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Generating diesel engine

  • Weifang R6105 power generation diesel engine
Weifang R6105 power generation diesel engine

Weifang R6105 power generation diesel engine

  • Product description: Weifang R6105 power generation diesel engine
Weifang R6105 power generation diesel engine
R6105ZD diesel engine parameters
Model: R6105ZD
Type: vertical, water cooling, four stroke, swirl combustor
Number of cylinders: 6
Piston stroke mm:125
Cylinder diameter: 105mm
Total displacement (liter): 6.49
Compression ratio: 17:1
Calibrated power / speed: 90kw/1500RPM
Fuel consumption: 224g/kw.h
Rotating direction of diesel engine: counter clockwise
Cooling mode: water cooling forced circulation
Lubrication: pressure. Spatter composite
Starting mode: electric start
Net quality (KG): 680KG
Use: diesel engine for power generation
Packing: simple plastic packaging
After sale service: strictly carry out three packages according to the national GB standard.
Diesel engine generator set:
1. basic technical parameters: 230 / 400V AC, 50Hz / 60Hz, 0.8pF three phase four wire
2. usage: it can be used as open and silent type. It can be used as general unit and automatic unit.
3. control system (selectable)
A) automatic alarm system: equipment with sound and light alarm system, any of the following failures: start failure, high water temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed, overload, automatic alarm and stop when overflow.
B) monitoring instrument:
Voltage meter, three phase ammeter, frequency meter water temperature, oil pressure gauge, oil gauge, oil temperature meter alarm lamp and buzzer.
4. allocation of supply standards:
A) diesel engine is equipped with all accessories, three filters and electronic system.
B) generator
C) steel structure chassis
D) cooling system fan and water tank
E) flange connector
F) 12 / 24V starting motor and charging motor
G) air filter, diesel filter, oil filter.
H) control panel
I) MCCB air protection switch
J) 12 / 24V starting motor and battery connection line
K) shock absorber
L) high efficiency silencer