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Pumping set

  • R6105 series pump diesel engine
R6105 series pump diesel engine

R6105 series pump diesel engine

  • Product description: R6105 series pump diesel engine
R6105 series pump diesel engine

1. Pre sale service
Professional engineers provide pre - sales technical advice and planning guidance for users, such as unit selection, matching, machine room design, etc., to solve difficult problems encountered by users in the process of use and provide relevant technical guidance.
Two. Service in the sale
After receiving the notification of the user, our company sends professional technicians to the installation site to know the installation and debugging of the unit, and do a good job with the user.
Three. After sale service
1, provide free machine room design and distribution design;
2, free guidance and installation, debugging;
3, free of charge for users of the operation and maintenance personnel for technical training and consultation;
4, guide maintenance and maintenance;
5. Establish customer files, follow up service, regular inspection and lifelong maintenance for end-users.
6, the company provides pure spare parts all year round, and the maintenance engineer can provide technical assistance to you at any time.
Quality guarantee of diesel engine
1. The warranty period: one year or 1500 hours accumulative operation (both for the first time), such as the failure of the factory assembly or the improper selection of the raw material, or other failure of the unit or other failure of the unit, can be guaranteed by the supplier.
2. Damage caused by man-made operation mistakes and negligent maintenance of the vulnerable parts and daily use accessories of diesel generating sets are not covered by this warranty. All parts and components outside the warranty period are provided at the cost price, providing the service staff to the customer site or in the factory factory to repair the unit to the normal use.
Quality assurance of diesel engine
International standard certification ISO9001
Industry standard GB/T2820.1997
Mode of payment and delivery period of diesel engine
Full payment, Alipay, internet bank transfer, wire transfer, and other payment, delivery within 5 days.
Distribution mode of diesel engine
Home lift, car delivery, car load and so on.